Cyprus has a young, well-educated talent pool. Since 2005, Cyprus has been in the top 15 countries in the EU with the lowest pupil per teacher ratio of 11 pupils per teacher. Cypriot educational institutes actively participate in EU programs, like the Eurydice Network and the ERASMUS program.
Cyprus is committed to further strengthening education and is focusing on reforms to achieve sustainable growth. The Ministry of Education and Culture is harmonizing the education system in line with the European Standards & Guidelines for Quality Assurance. The Cyprus Council for the Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications ( was established in 1996.
  • 3 public universities, including one Open University
  • 5 private universities
  • 5 public institutions of higher education
  • 25 private institutions of higher education
  • 339 public and 29 private primary schools (2010/11)
  • 127 public and 39 private secondary schools (2010/11)
  • A large proportion of Cypriot tertiary students studied abroad (46.5% in 2011)
Many of the universities in Cyprus offer their courses in the English language. 
Source: Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency